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Libre Office Calc
Overview Page

LibreOffice Calc is a free spreadsheet program that will have the computer create the equivalent of a paper accounting worksheet on the screen of your computer in a grid with rows (numbered) and columns (Alphabetic) and quickly calculate and summarize totals for you.

LibreOffice Calc - A Free Accounting spreadsheet program:


Spreadsheets, can also be used to line up groups and lists and sort them, but the real power of a spreadsheet comes from the way it can recalculate a sum or formula instantly after a single value changes.

In the picture below, we can see that the value in cell D3 is the sum of cells B3 + C3. Cell D3 is selected (with the dark border) showing the sum of 5 + 9 is 14. The actual formula for the selected cell is shown in formula bar above the actual spreadsheet - the formula bar shows the formula for cell D3 is '=B3+C3'. If we were to change one of the values in cells B3 or C3, the value in cell D3 would be recalculated to show this result.


A full set of video tutorials showing how to use Libre Office Calc can be found at: